De Korrel Beheer produces a range of varieties, sizes and colours of breadcrumbs under the ECS brand. Despite the fact that breadcrumbs are generally regarded as a commodity. ECS is also able to offer tailor made solutions, such as breadcrumbs in the desired size or packaged by batch. This depending on the needs of the individual customer and/or application.

Breadcrumb B16

Breadcrumb B-30

Breadcrumb White 1.25

Breadcrumb White 5

Breadcrumb D-10

Breadcrumb D-10 Dark Special

Breadcrumb D-30

Breadcrumb E-30

Breadcrumb EB-23

Breadcrumb F-30

Breadcrumb G-30

Breadcrumb N-20

Breadcrumb PM-23

Breadcrumb SB-50

Breadcrumb V-26

Breadcrumb W-30

Breadcrumb X-15

Breadcrumb Z-20